About me πŸ§–β€β™€οΈ

Hi Everyone πŸ’™ My name is Fathima.I started this blog in 2014 just out of boredom and curiosity.I eventually lost interest and lacked the time and ideas to continue so it just lay there popping up on the odd search engine on google every now and again πŸ˜‚ but I’m back now! And this time I have tons to share with everyone ☺️.

I am a teacher to be , married and living in a small one street town in KwaZulu Natal.I’ve spent most of my life studying, working part time and keeping myself occupied with my home based business since 2011. What started out as something I did to keep myself busy has become a passion! I love doing business, learning and growing to new heights.It feels great to be independent and have my own hustle.

I joined 2 amazing companies over the last 2 years.Nuskin and Organo Gold.I sell these amazing products because I have personally seen the great results they produce and I have grown to love their products and can’t find anything to match or better their amazing benefits.

My instagram handle @fatz786loe will give you guys a preview of what I used to sell and what I currently sell as mentioned above , but sometimes it’s so difficult to squash all the information on products into one post so decided to recreate my blog for the purpose of product information and to respond to any queries you may have more efficiently. I hope you a will enjoy my blog posts as it wont only be reserved to product information, but it’s somewhere I hope to share my passion for cooking and baking too ! Lots of love, until my next post 😊

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