Mother ❀

I don’t need to stress the importance of this one word and the meaning behind this title.Every religion,every race,every scientific theory based on this one title only emphasises the importance of a mother in the life of a child.A mother is simply irreplaceable in billions of ways.There is no person that can ever fill the void or fulfill the need of a mother.

I’d like to reflect on my experiences as I grew up.As a child, my mother was my everything.Only she knew the best way to feed me, clothe me, bath me, comfort my cries at times of pain and illness.I depended on her more than anything else in the world.

As a toddler then a tween and then a teenager, these feelings slowly changed.I wanted to become more independent , I wanted to do things myself and experience things myself.I wanted to make my own decisions and slowly I became a rebel.I defied nearly every rule every time I was told what the repercussions of my actions would be , I would go ahead anyway and when things fell apart, I would be ashamed to even say anything because I had already been warned.

My pride as a teenager would make me hide my disappointment and pain so I would act as if I knew but I wanted to experience it for myself.This became habitual until my mother accepted that she would always advise me but leave me to follow my own heart and the path I wanted to.I have made so many decisions in my life that have hurt her and disappointed her, yet she always stood by my side and encourages me to keep trying to get better at life.

Today, I am in my 20’s & Life has past by so fast that I can barely remember where the time was lost.In these 20 some what years, I’ve been heart broken, disappointed, failed, let down by friends and acquaintances, torn apart by this vicious world.Yet still I have my mother who I will be eternally grateful for.She stands by me like a rock, even as age has taken it’s toll on her , she keeps encouraging me and pushing me forward to be more and do more and live more.I have hurt her more than anyone else in the world by letting her stand and watch me in pain both physically and emotionally which I brought upon myself many times.Yet she still insists that life isn’t over and that I should keep trying.Her love for me never changed no matter how many times we fight and argue, no matter how much I have defied her, no matter how disrespectful I have been.And that my dear is a mother’s love.

Only later in life do we realise how much our mothers love us.Every time they shout or reprimand us , we fail to realise that they do it for our own good.They have seen more of life then we have, they know how this world works yet we don’t take heed.So a little reminder to all those still growing up and possibly walking in my footsteps…stop before it’s too late.Love your mother, respect her, appreciate her, and above all make her proud to call you her little girl because that’s what you will always be to her no matter how old you are and she will love you to the very ends of this world like no other.

When you have your mother’s Duas, you can stand against the world ❀22DwWRn6