Small Town Talk

What’s the latest? What’s happening on your side? What’s good and new?

The all too common conversation starters to the latest gossip.Life long struggle of living in a small town,you could fart in your loo and everyone either smells it or hears it…actually some of them didn’t – they just heard that she said that he said he smelt it but he said she heard it.That’s the world we live in today.

People thrive on the stories of other people,they smile at the failure of others, they laugh at the turmoil in the lives of others, oh! and if your’e successful? Damn! You either slept your way to success or you bribed someone,conned someone,ah! Perhaps murder?! LOL! And if they not lucky enough to get the inside scoop on what really happened? ASSUMPTIONS! They add masala , come up with their own conclusions and sum every individuals life up.I’m sick of it!

So here’s the thing.Quiet frankly not everybody cares about the stories that go around about them but they are some emotionally weak individuals out there whose lives, self-esteem, confidence, reason to live, goals and dreams that are destroyed by the running mouths.(I am not one of them,try me πŸ™‚ ) SO Do me a favour! Stop judging! Look into your own rubbish bin for once in your life, all the skeletons in your closet, all your dirt swept under the carpet before you choose to speak about others.

Face it, we all make mistakes in life,nobody wakes up in the morning with the intention of doing drugs, becoming an alcoholic, falling in love with the wrong person, falling pregnant out of wedlock, getting divorced, having an affair and all other things considered wrong by society and religion, don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to say any of this is right but has anyone taken the chance to look into the person’s life and find the real reason behind his/her actions? And females seem to be the most vulnerable targets these days.Cut it out, it’s the 21st century.Today, youngsters are exposed to alcohol,sex, drugs amongst many other things in abundance.Not everybody can be assertive and say no,lot’s of weak individuals are sucked up into this world just to fit in and be cool. Tweens and teens more so! And why? Once again boundaries set by society, images drawn by society yet the same people are confusing.

We all have a rebel in us, every single person alive today can never say that they have never defied the rules laid down and the boundaries set by society and it doesn’t mean defying them makes you a bad person.We all have good in us , we just make bad choices and there are lessons we all learn from every mistake.

I could go on forever with the complaints but you all get my vibe,I’m sure.All I’m trying to say is be more sensitive towards these things.If something bad happens to someone and you cant be of any help , there is no need to spread the news like hot fire.Do not rub salt in their wounds.If what comes out of your mouth is not valuable then rather don’t say anything at all.If someone makes a mistake , do not make a mockery, advise them, guide them, correct them and if you can’t? Hold that tongue Niggah!


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