Enthusiastic learner blogger :)

Hi / Assalaamualaikum to all that may read this…

I created this blog quiet some time ago when I was much more confused about life.I was bored and my passion for socializing and wanting more out of life told me to try blogging.I had no idea what to blog about and today I laughed at many of my posts and actually deleted quiet a few posts as well.It’s hilarious when you look back at how we freely said anything on social media when we were younger and only realize what a fool we have made of ourselves much later in life…nevertheless, it’s all part of growing up.

I intend on using this blog to tackle the ups and downs of life.Perhaps I may share a few experiences of my own so people may understand me better and how life has moulded me into becoming this person that I am now.

Comments and suggestions are welcome…inspire me to write about something interesting or perhaps something you’ve always wanted to know but were too afraid to ask…

So let this journey begin…

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