Getting your Learners-My experience

Helloo everybody,So today I wrote my learners test (first time) and I was scared out of my mind but I managed to pass with 59/64 πŸ˜€ .I’m so chuffed lol.

Its scary,its not hard but when you hear other peoples experiences you go “cold chicken”,especially when they say they failed sooo many times.

Its important to study all the material but stick to one book or you’l get all confused trying to cram in so much info.

I personally used the K53 book,its also available in disc form at leading magazine retailers,and I took loads of mock tests online.

The best website,compatible for use on your cellphone and with questions same/similar to the actual test is
Sign up free by creating an account using your email address so that your results and progress is recorded and kept private.(No spam mail).You can choose between a complete test or a customized one on sections you want to be tested on.They also offer free downloads in PDF format such as cheat sheets which have the important speeds,alcohol limits,weights,ages etc that you need to know,summarised in an easy to learn table.

For the tougher cookies,this website offers a more challenging set of questions
You havto complete a set of 300 questions which you can space out.

What does the actual test consist of??
*There are 68 questions in total
-30 are Rules of the Road
-30 are Road Signs and Markings
-8 are vehicle controls

In order to pass you need to get:
-22/30 for Rules of the Road
-23/30 for Road Signs and Markings
-6/8 for Vehicle Controls

Study hard and I’m sure you all will pass through the first time πŸ™‚
Best of Luck

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