Acne Issues = Drama

Hey guys! So I have acne just like many other teens,the scarring,the pain,the everything is just outta control so I decided to tell everybody about my secret to better skin…

I’m thankful that I don’t have it on my face,I actually have it on my back and arms,Its a bit of a family thing.I’ve hadto deal with being jealous of my friends skin,I cover up as much as possible even in the scorching heat in Summer.It sucks!!!

I’ve tried tons of products and home made potions,”no junk food” diets and nothing has helped,my dermatologist said it was natural and just an imbalance in hormones,he refused to put me on the pill because he felt I was too young.

I took things into my own hands and found my clearer skin solution

Yes normal table salt mixed in water,sprayed onto my pimples and left to dry,my pimples have reduced in size and redness.As it drys the skin it does cause some itching and temporary discomfort but its totally worth it.The skin just peels away that’s because the salt drys your skin out.

I tried this after google searching the skin uses of salt water and lots of people including myself figured that whenever we go to the beach,our skin becomes clearer (maybe darker because of sunburn) but simply clearer!

A weekly body scrub helps remove the dead skin and now I have less breakouts and discomfort.I use almond oil on my scars because its the only oil that doesn’t block your pores soooo it can’t make your pimples worse like other tissue oils.

I’ll be honest though,a capsule called Doxytet did help with my pimples.Its not a birth control pill.I took a 14 day course at 1 a day,my pimples cleared and then came back with the vengence,but after I completed my course I felt my pimples were much finer n smaller in size.It did wonders for my face,the few pimples that I used to get just disappeared and never came back! *Touch wood*

For fast results I reccomend:

-Spray salt water on affected area atleast twice a day

-Use a scrub atleast twice a week to remove dead skin cells-I use the Garnier Facial scrub,the one with the brush attachment,on my back,it works wonders ! πŸ™‚

-If u want something to cool your skin,apply plain yogurt for ten minutes and rinse with cold water or dab pimples with rose water

-Drink lots of water,its actually good for making your skin look brighter and younger

-If u want u can also try a topical cream like Benzac,it must be applied at nyt only,I like putting a bit on the bigger pimples using an ear bud.Don’t go in the sun if u use it cos itl just burn your skin.

Goodluck πŸ˜€

3 thoughts on “Acne Issues = Drama”

    Really good advice …I must try the saltwater soon…about drinking water…it is absoultely essential as it does improve ur skin. πŸ˜‰ all the best wit the bllogging…

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